Minecraft Basic Troubleshooting Steps for [Nether Piglin Farm]

Introduction / Background Just a simple guide to showcase my thought process on troubleshooting issues related to farms using Nether Piglin farm as an example. This is actually an old guide

2 years ago

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Introduction / Background

Just a simple guide to showcase my thought process on troubleshooting issues related to farms using Nether Piglin farm as an example. This is actually an old guide that I finally decided to port over to the new site; nevertheless, I hope it helps someone somewhere.

Last updated: January 27th for Paper Version 1.20.4


In order to properly troubleshoot your farm, please make sure you meet all requirements listed below.

Step 0. Ensure your paper is up-to-date๐Ÿ”—

Why does this matter?

Paper fixes bugs relatively quickly, using the latest release will ensure no potential already fixed bugs exist in your server.

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Some host would cache Paper builds and present it as the latest when it is not. Please manually checks update on the official PaperMC download page!

Step 1. Check Biome๐Ÿ”—

Open F3 Menu and check the biome.

For Zombified Piglin farm, ensure the entity of the farm is built within Nether Wastes biome for maximum efficiency.

(The farm will work somewhat in other biomes aside from Warped Forest in which no hostile mob will spawn)

For Wither Skeketon Farm, ensure the farm is built inside Nether Fortress.

Step 2. Check world difficulty๐Ÿ”—

Difficulty is per world on Paper so please double check the difficulty in the Nether.

When successfully ran, you will either get the following prompt or successful set difficulty to hard.


Step 3. Ensure your farm isnt outdated๐Ÿ”—

Major/minor changes to farm designs happens on each Minecraft version, please make sure you are using the most efficient one for your serverโ€™s native version.


In the time of this writing, on 1.17.1, the most efficient farm is the donut with manual aggro trigger.

However, if you are using a slower design where turtle egg is used as lure, ensure that there are minimum of two full block height on top of the turtle egg, and a cleaer line-of-sight for Piglin to see the turtle eggs.


Step 4. Ensure per-player-mob-spawn is set to true๐Ÿ”—

Unless manually changed, the default should be true already, double check anyway! The config option is located in config/paper-world-defaults.yml.

Step 5. Check your mmobcaps๐Ÿ”—

Utilize /paper mobcaps and /paper playermobcaps for additional details on mob spawning around a player. It is especially useful for finding errors on the spawnproofing.


If your mobcap is already full while no mobs spawns in your farm, it means that the spawn-proofing around the farm isn't complete. Fix it!

Step 6. Check other related server configs๐Ÿ”—

Not all servers are running Vanilla default, in fact, most of the big server altered configs for lag reduction one way or another. Please double check every single mentioned config in the link below and make necessary adjustment if needed.

Paper chanโ€™s Little Guide to Minecraft Server Optimization!
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Step 7. Test without plugins๐Ÿ”—

Sometimes plugin may interduce unwanted behaviors and if all above steps have been properly followed, this is the next step to troubleshoot.

Firstly, shutdown the server and simply rename your plugin folder to _plugin and boot up the server again to verify the functionality of the farm.

If the farm start to work after the removal of plugins, perform a Binary Search on all your plugins.

To perform Binary search, carefully divided all your plugins into two groups.
Any plugin with dependencies should be grouped together.

Continue to divide the problematic groups into smaller and smalel groups until you isolate to one singular plugin that's causing the issue and address the issue accordingly.

Closing Notes๐Ÿ”—

This guide should covers all possiblites where a farm can be malfunctioning. If you are still experience issues, please visist Paper-help channel on Discord for additional assistance.

Futher more, if you have any suggestion or feedback in regard to this article, please reach out to EterNity on Discord or email me at [email protected].

Special Thanks

Owen for editial suggestions and grammar fixes.

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Published 2 years ago