Paper Chan's Little Guide to Minecraft Client Optimization!

Introduction / Background The Vanilla Minecraft client has always been pretty barebone and not very performant to begin with, it is often a struggle to run the modern Minecraft version on

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Introduction / Background

The Vanilla Minecraft client has always been pretty barebone and not very performant to begin with, it is often a struggle to run the modern Minecraft version on slightly older hardware especially after the Cave and Cliffs update. The purpose of this guide is to introduce more people to the Fabric modding toolchain and provide a listed of performance mods that I personally use plus a curated list of quality of life enhancements for the Minecraft client.

Last updated: November 8th, 2022.

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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Install Optimization Mods
One-click Install
Clear Glass
Gameplay Enhancement
Resource Packs
Special Thanks
Closing Notes

Getting StartedπŸ”—

Install JAVA

Follow This JAVA installation guide to install JAVA onto your PC. If you are unsure which version to grab, the latest JAVA17 LTS or JAVA18 should be fine.

Or click here to download Amazon Corretto 18 directly.

Install Prism Launcher

Prism Launcher is an open-source launcher for Minecraft that provides convenient versions, modpacks, and profile controls, it is a lot easier to use among with mods especially for beginners. The offical version can be downloaded from Prism Launcher Download Page.

Start by logging onto your Minecraft account

Then add Instance and select the appreciate Minecraft and Fabric version.
You are now ready to add mods!

Install Optimization ModsπŸ”—

Fabric mods can be obtained from many different sources such as Modrinth, CurseForge, Github, Jenkins, or directly from the PolyMC launcher itself. As always, only download mods from the trusted official sources and reputable developers.

Look for fabric mod and matches the Minecraft version respectfully when selecting mods to download.

If you would like a quick and easy one click installation without picking your own optimization mods, click here to jump to Fabulously Optimized Modpack; otherwise, below is the list of mods that I recommend using.

Fabric API

Fabric API is required in order for most mods to function.


Modern rendering engine and client-side optimization mod for Minecraft.

Sodium Extra

Additional addons to Sodium.

Iris Shaders

A shader mod that works with existing ShadersMod/Optifine shaders.


A complete rewrite of light engine aims to fix performance issues related to lighting in Minecrafy by our rat king SpottedLeaf.


More game logic & server optimizations.


Makes the initialization of DataFixerUpper "lazy," making the game start more quickly.


A mod to optimize the Minecraft networking stack.

Dynamic FPS

Improve performance when Minecraft is in the background.


Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo.

Enhanced Block Entities

Reduce FPS lag with block entities.


Optimize tiles & entities rendering.

Cull Leaves

Optimize leafs.


Memory usage optimizations.

More Culling

More culling.

kennytvs epic force close loading screen mod for fabric

Instantly closes the loading terrain screen on world changing.

Alternative method - Fabulously Optimized modpackπŸ”—

If you are someone who just want a quick and easy way to get an optimize client, Fabulously Optimized is a good choice as the installation can be easily done via the PolyMC client itself. If you do wish to pick and choose which mod you wish to install, you can skip to the next step where I provide a curated list of mod that I persoanlly use and also suggestions from the Minecraft community.

Create new Instance and then select Modrinth with Fabulously Optimized as the modpack of choice
This is the end of client optimization mods.
Everything below is gameplay enhancements and is optional.

Special Section for Clear Glass LoversπŸ”—

Before & after clear glass mod

To achieve the above effect of clear glass, the follow mod and resource pack is needed.

Fabric Mod: Continuity

Resource Pack: Clear Glass with Connected Textures! [16x]

Install the Fabric Mod as well as select the resource pack within the in-game menu.

Quality of Life & Gameplay Enhancement ModsπŸ”—

Modding in Minecraft has always been its strong selling point and players are able to install modifications to their client to enhance their gameplay experience. However, certain server would consider this an unfair advantage so please read and understand server rule before joining with a modded client.

Ensure to download the "Fabric" mod with matching Minecraft version if multiple versions are present in the resource page.

Cloth Config API

This is a dependency for the mods below.
(Dependency means that this mod is required for the other mod to function)

Architectury API

This is a dependency for the mods below.


This is a dependency for the mods below.

Inventory Profiles Next

An inventory management mod. No more messy inventory. A must have!

Mod Menu

Rearrange menu for additional mod configs. A must have!

Xaero's Minimap

Add mini map to Minecraft.

Xaero's world map

Add world map to Minecraft.


Click through signs and item frames to chests.


A dynamic lights mod.


Add better grass.


A mod that allows for efficient connected textures.
(Skip if you already downloaded it on the clear glass section above)


Adding UI sounds and more.

Presence Footsteps

More sounds!

Drip Sounds

Add sounds for drip particles landing.


Add more ambient sounds and music.


Customizable HUD.


Client side chunk caching mod to allow futher views.

Axolotl Bucket Fix

Display Axolotl variants while inside bucket.

Falling Leaves

Add particle effect to leaf blocks.


Food and hunger related HUD improvements.

Armor Visibility

Togglable Armor rendering.


Enhanced shulkerbox UI.


Take LARGE screenshots.

Durability Viewer

Armor and tool durability HUD.

Better Mount HUD

Improve mount HUD.


Show more info about advancement requirements.

Enchantment Descriptions

Add tooltips to enchantments.


Advanced beehive info.

Ok Zoomer

Add a zoom key.


Discord rich presence intergration.

The Fabric mods below are to fully replace Optifine for those who made the switch.


A mod implementing the OptiFine/MCPatcher animated texture format.


Enables resource packs to add and change block and biome colors.


A client side drop-in replacement for OptiFine custom GUIs.

CIT Resewn

Re-implements MCPatcher's CIT (custom item textures from optifine resource packs).

Entity Texture Feaetures

Emissive, Random & Custom texture support for entities in resourcepacks just like Optifine but for Fabric.


Adds resourcepack features and a GUI to more conveniently configure OptiFine alternatives.

Custom Entity Models

Custom Entity Models suport on Fabric.

The Fabric mods below are for special use case, it may not be a neccesarity for you.


Client performance profiler.

Fabric Hider

A simple mod to hide client brending.
(If you only intend to use this mod to bypass server side anti-Fabric plugin, ensure to edit the config option to hide from server only)


A schematic mods with powerful tool for buildings.
(For advanced user)

Roughly Enough Resources

World resource viewing mod.

Roughly English Items

A redesign of inventory menu.
(If you prefer Vanilla menu, skip this mod)


Here are some popular shaders and my personal favorites.

Sildurs Shaders

Complementary Reimagined

BSL Shaders

Resource PacksπŸ”—

Faithful 32x 64x

mullak99's Faithful 32x

Special ThanksπŸ”—

Special Thanks to the following people for their contribution in the making of this guide.

EEstar For the epic suggestions!!

Closing NotesπŸ”—

This guide is aim to be as simple to follow as possible, please reach out to EterNity if you have any suggestions on possible improvements or more mod suggestions. Thank you very much!

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